Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kristinn Gudjonsson and log2timeline in 2012

I want to try something a little different this year with the Forensic 4Cast Awards. Normally, I just do what I can to get the word out about the awards without trying to influence the process. However, this year I would like to offer up a respectful suggestion for two of the categories. Kristinn Gudjonsson is my choice for the Digital Forensic Examiner of the Year and his magnificent log2timeline tool is my choice for Computer Forensic Software Tool of the Year. There isn’t any reason to inflict a lengthy blog post on you extolling the many virtues of Kristinn and his work in the field since Rob Lee has already performed this task admirably. However, I want to encourage to you to nominate your favorite digital forensics hardware, software, books, podcasts, and the like so that the folks who do so much for the community get the recognition that they deserve. I’m having a hard time with the nominations this year because there was so much incredible work done in 2011. This is a good problem to have because it’s a reflection of all of the energy and creativity that we have going on in the digital forensics world.


  1. Eric, thanks for your continued support of the podcast and the awards.

  2. A second for Kristinn - truly someone who has contributed greatly to the community. And thank you Eric for taking the time to discuss the topic