Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forensic 4cast Awards

The 2nd annual Forensic 4cast Awards will be held at the SANS Forensic Summit on July 8th of this year.  You do not have to attend the Summit to make nomination or to vote for the awards.  The nomination period is open, but it will close on the 13th of this month so get your nominations in soon!

Lee Whitfield hosted another episode of Forensic 4cast this weekend. Mark McKinnon and I were the panelists and we discussed the recently completed CEIC conference, the Guidance Software acquisition of Tableau and many other topics such as the upcoming Summit. 

I’ll be at SANSFIRE next week absorbing powerful Eoghan-Fu when I take his SEC563 Mobile Device Forensics class.  I’m looking forward to being able to finally meet Eoghan and many of the other SANS Instructors in person as well as learning from my fellow students.  I’ll post a review of the course and SANSFIRE afterwards.  I’ll also provide a reviews for the OnDemand versions of SEC408 Computer Forensics Essentials and SEC508 Computer Forensics and Incident Response in the near future. 

Eoghan released his most recent book late last year which Harlan reviewed on his blog.  You can read my review as well as one from Richard Betjlich over at Amazon. It is an excellent book that is good for those of us who are already in the field and those who are considering a career in digital forensics.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your support of the blog and your comments here and in other venues.  I’m very grateful for the feedback and the response has been more than I ever expected.  I use Google Analytics to provide some idea if anyone reads this blog and the numbers have been very strong.