Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Newer Blog Template

I started to get eyestrain while reading my own blog and there was at least one other person who mentioned they were having the same issue with the new blog template.  I now understand why major news sites and blogs use black text on a white background. This current template will serve as a temporary one until I can develop something a bit more permanent.  The ultimate goal is to come up with a template that is clean and easy to read.


  1. Greetings Eric!

    Funny timing. I've had a darker white-text on black background on my own blog for a while also.

    I've also been tiring of it and leaning towards investing the work in a reboot.

    Finally got it done, inspired in no small part by this temporary one you put up.

    I really like the cooler blue tones you have, but felt the warmer tones on mine best complimented the anchoring "about me" picture I use. The biggest headache I've had is trying to find the perfect balance with hyperlink color management. I don't underline mine with the page style settings so color needs to be strong enough to stand out yet still match the blog theme. And folks seem to like a "blue" tone to symbolically say "click-me" still.

    The temporary blog seems to have a great color choice for them.

    Good luck and great posts!


    --Claus V.

  2. Thanks, Claus! I'm staring to take a liking to the temporary template and it's likely going to be a longer term template in some form. I agree on the blue theme. I tweaked it a couple days ago again when I put in the greyish background. I need to make some final decisions about font size and type, but I do like the larger text.